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We are a young and dynamic team with professional R&D personnel, all of whom are senior electrical engineers of science and engineering


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About Corumway

Shenzhen Kunlun Technology Co., Ltd is a science and technology company that focuses on the field of portable power station, and it supplies one-stop solution of R&D and production. After three Years of Independent research and development on this invention, it successfully breaks through the advanced technology of “Bilateral Inverter” and has achieved super fast charging function on its product. Shenzhen Kunlun Technology Co., Ltd sees its scientific and technological innovation as its mission to improve life, and aim to let each family to realize its value and be able to own a portable power station. The product changes life style through science and technology and hope to become the world’s most trusted portable energy storage and green energy company.

Waterproof bag

Outdoor camping or work, if it rains, it is a very bad thing. Any electrical equipment cannot withstand the immersion of rainwater. The special waterproof material used in our bags can effectively prevent electrical appliances from being soaked by rainwater.

Weekend Vacations

It is a good choice for family  gatherings to go outdoors

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